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Performance Physical Therapy Services

We employ a wide range of tools to help eliminate your pain and optimize your performance! 

A One Stop Shop for Everything You Need

No more running around town for massage, dry needling, spinal manipulation, and personal training. Our full-hour sessions offer a tailored blend of these therapeutic tools, exclusively provided by our skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy.

Say goodbye to rushed appointments. At Freedom, we prioritize detailed assessments, comprehensive treatments, and the creation of a specific plan to fix your problems. Our goal is to have you feeling and performing at your best.


Experience a new standard of excellence with us.


Spinal Manipulation & Mobilization

Techniques proven to decrease pain and get you moving better!

Exercise Prescription

The exercises you need to improve strength, control and mobility to optimize your performance!

Dry Needling

A thin filament needle is utilized to improve tissue extensibility, decrease pain, and promote the body's natural healing processes!


Performance Analysis

From running analysis, lifting technique, performance coaching, to so much more. We offer the unique skill set of combining medical knowledge with high level performance coaching.


Fitness Programming

At Freedom, we believe in keeping you training as much as possible while respecting your bodies injured tissues. We will work to alter your current training not eliminate it to allow you to keep doing what you love. 

Manual Therapy

At Freedom we utilize cupping, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and a whole host of hands on techniques to get you feeling and moving your best!


Cold Plunge Therapy

Cold water exposure helps reduce inflammation, decreases muscle soreness, improves mood & focus, enhances resiliency and boosts your immune system.  

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