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Meet Dr. Webster

Story & Mission

Dylan is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who has completed advanced training to become a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. This training allows him to better understand his patients’ pain and injury, diagnose them effectively, and provide impactful treatments. Along with his OCS Dylan earned an EXOS Performance Specialist certification to enhance his ability to treat high level athletes. 


Dylans’ main passion is helping active individuals get back to training pain free after injury. This desire stims from his love for resistance training and in recent years CrossFit. 

Unlike what you hear from most medical providers the solution to the vast majority of injuries isn’t and shouldn’t be to stop all training. After hearing one too many providers, who likely have never had a strong passion for exercise, tell his patients that they should just stop running, biking, doing CrossFit workouts or lifting weights and all their problems would go away. Dylan decided a change was in order and Freedom Physical Therapy was born.


Dylan helps people everyday find and fix the root cause of their problems and have the FREEDOM to do what they love. 


Reach out and he will be able to help you as well!

Dr. Webster Practices What He Preaches and Knows How to Rehab Exercise Related Injuries!

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