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Performance Physical Therapy 

Helping You Find and Fix the Root Cause of Your Problems and Get Back to High Level Performance.

The Freedom Three Step Process


Find the Underlying Cause of Your Pain

We will make sure you are 100% clear on your exact diagnosis.

You'll find out exactly what is wrong with you and why it occurred in the first place. 


Address the Problem Areas

Once the problem is identified you'll be equipped with specific exercises and hands-on treatments to start attacking your problems. 


Create a Long Term Solution

Get back to the workouts, sports, and activities you love!

Take control of your health with the skills and knowledge in our sessions to last a lifetime.

Overcome Pain and Get Your FREEDOM Back!

Click the button below and I will personally give you a call to set up your first visit.

Eliminate Your Shoulder Pain!

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What People Who Have Worked With Me Have to Say:

Julie S.

“If you are a runner looking to run pain free, improve your mobility, and focus on imbalances that throw off your ability to perform at your best then you should call Dr. Dylan Webster. He is an exceptional Physical Therapist. I'm currently training for the Boston Marathon and Dr. Dylan has helped me tremendously. We are working on correcting, strengthening and improving my imperfections through spinal adjustments, dry needling, cold plunge therapy and guided physical therapy specifically designed for my personal needs. So thankful for his abilities and knowledge! He’s the best!”

Holly N.

"I am a runner who has set a lofty goal of BQ at age 60! All runners experience and endure pain, and I'm not the exception but the rule. It's been a long recovery. Dr. Dylan Webster, of Freedom Physical Therapy, has been my light at the end of the tunnel. He has helped me to identify the root causes of my pain, and create a personal plan for what works best for me individually through a variety of PT work. His knowledge and tools of the trade are top shelf. He has helped me to find incredible value in the struggle and frustration. For the first time in many years, I have rekindled that 'runner's high'. It is his expertise, care, incredible bedside manner and dedication to his clients that is remarkable. I am SO GRATEFUL and HOPEFUL!"

Ryan J.

Dr. Dylan Webster is an excellent physical therapist! Before seeing him I was having severe low back pain with deadlifting, golfing and playing pickleball. After seeing him, I'm hitting deadlift PRs and playing pickleball 3 days in a row without pain. He does an amazing job explaining treatment options and working with his patients to create a comprehensive recovery plan. He also stays up to date with the latest research in his field, there is no question about trusting his knowledge!
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